Christmas Shopping in Brussels

People who love bright lights, cold winters and the Christmas spirit come to Brussels to do their Christmas shopping and bring the children.

At Christmas time Brussels is renowned for its Christmas Markets and is a fantastic place to spend the festive season. Brussels Winter Wonderland and the Bruges Christmas market are popular, but relatively new markets which are definitely worth the visit. Luckily, these Christmas markets are close to the Eurostar service, which means they are easy to get to. The Belgian culture shines through in these markets and tourists will not be disappointed.

The Christmas markets at the Grand Place and St. Catherine's area have fantastic festive activities for children and adults alike. During this time of year temporary shopping chalets and brasseries are erected at the end of November which stay up for December and through to the New Year.

There are many activities which take place at this time of year, for example, a Ferris Wheel, round-about and ice dinosaur are some of the main attractions. If you wish to make use of these then there is an entrance fee. There is also a cultural programme which includes brass bands, musical performances and ice sculptures.

A main highlight for Christmas shoppers are the wooden Christmas Chalets which are opened at this time of year. These Chalets can be found on the streets of Bourse, Marché aux Poissons and Place St. Catherines. These chalets are stalls which look like fairytale gingerbread houses, dressed up in beautiful fairy lights and rooftops covered with snow. They sell a selection of Christmas items, seasonal gifts and decorations which are perfect for decorating your house or treating your family and friends to something festive. These can be found open until 9pm on week nights and 10pm at weekends.

Other towns in Brussels such as Liége, Bruges and Ostende also have beautiful Christmas Markets so travellers won't be stuck for choice when it comes to picking where to visit.